The Hartford makes it easy to process and administer flood policies using

  • This intuitive web-based system offers agents a complete one-stop system from quoting through electronic payment and printing of a declaration page.

  • Free flood zone determinations are instantly available in printable format.

  • Most internet transactions have a same-day turnaround. makes policy maintenance quick and easy too, offering:

  • Online chat support and customer service;

  • E-delivery for declaration pages and renewal bills;

  • Saving quotes for up to 90 days.

  • Manage renewal expiration list.

  • Ability to upload documents.

Access and Use of

  • Log into

  • If this is the first time you have used this Web site or if you have recently received a Producer Code and PIN from NFS, you will need to first set up your account before proceeding to the log in page. When you are ready to start setting up your account from the log in page click the link located at the end of the sentence: “For detailed information on how to create a new account and log in for the first time, please CLICK HERE.” and follow the step-by-step instructions.

  • Forgotten your Pin and Producer Code? Contact Agency Services department at 866-796-7582.

Web-site Features/Tools:
Once logged in, the navigation menu on the left-hand side
provides the necessary links based on your quoting and maintenance needs.

  • Under “Quote”: New Quote, Resume Existing Quote

  • Under “Application”: New Standard, New PRP, New MP3, New Standard Rollover, New PRP Rollover, Resume Existing Rollover, Resume Existing Application

  • Under “Policy Maintenance”: Policy Search, Online Policy Tracking, Endorse Policy, Complete Cancellation, Renewal List

  • Under “Forms and Documents”: View Forms & Documents & Renewal Bills and Ability to Upload Documents

  • Flood Zones Determinations

  • Report Claim

  • Under “Report Requests”: Cancellation, Expiration, Payment Activity, Policies in Force, Policies by Type, Policy Retention, Premium/Policy Count, Suspense

  • Links are available to:
    a. Training
    b. General industry-related information
    c. Miscellaneous Certificates, Forms and Supply Orders

  • Follow a claim (claim xchange)

  • If you are still stuck, use our online chat for more assistance.
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